A Trial Attorney Providing Individualized Representation

I began my career in 1993 as an assistant district attorney in Suffolk County. During my years as a prosecuting attorney, I handled thousands of cases, including motions, trials and appeals. As a defense lawyer, I have defended thousands of people charged with crimes and tried over 100 bench and jury trials in state and federal court. I have represented hundreds of arrestees in bail arguments in the Massachusetts District and Superior courts. I have also appeared as lead counsel in dozens of appeals before the Massachusetts Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court.

I started the Law Office of Austin J. Freeley in 1998 with a mission to achieve excellence in the highly competitive areas of civil and criminal litigation. My professional and dedicated approach to each area of law includes addressing individual concerns and objectives, so I understand and appreciate the enormous consequences at stake for my client. When building a case, I need to know the desired end result so I can plan accordingly. If the goal is going to trial, it is important to start building a case for trial from the beginning with a clear objective in mind.

In addition, I utilize state-of-the-art research databases so I have the latest updates in the law to give clients the best chance of success. I stay current with changes in the law and case results.

Personal injury and criminal defense clients describe me as hardworking, diligent, professional, detailed and as having a well-planned approach. You can rely on that level of dedication and service when you work with me.

I am qualified to practice in all courts in Massachusetts and am admitted to the United States District Court and the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

My successes have been reported in publications, including the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly and JAS Publications.

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To schedule a free consultation, please call 617-723-9538 or email me. We can talk on the phone or meet at my convenient downtown Boston office.