Building a good defense includes getting to know each client, their needs and their goals. In addition to my research and case preparation, I make sure that I personally sit down and talk to every client so I understand his or her unique life story. This allows me to make a more effective presentation that includes a complete picture of the person, as well as the unique circumstances present in the case. Such details are often critical in achieving a successful resolution in a criminal case.

I can represent anyone charged with a crime in Massachusetts: adults, college students and juveniles. As a former prosecutor, I know how the state will pursue your case — and how to beat them.

Moving Your Life Forward After An Injury
Getting the compensation you need after a personal injury or wrongful death is often more complex than people realize. You may need a lawyer to fight the insurance company for you. I will investigate your claim, use appropriate experts and visual aids to create a compelling case for compensation that covers all of your losses.