The Experience To Protect You In State And Federal Drug Cases

It is surprisingly easy to find yourself charged with a serious drug crime, even if you were only present where drugs were found or only had drugs in your possession for personal use. Regardless of the reason for the charges, you need an experienced attorney to protect your rights from overzealous law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.

With my experience as a prosecutor, I know how Massachusetts police and courts handle drug cases. I use this knowledge as a defense lawyer to protect my clients' rights and find weaknesses in the prosecution's case. I am particularly adept at issues involving illegal police searches and seizures in drug cases. In addition, I assist people with recovering their property in civil asset forfeiture matters. Call me in Boston for a free consultation at 617-723-9538.

You Can't Battle The Government On Your Own

The state and federal governments have enormous resources to prosecute drug cases. You need an advocate. You can come to me for representation in state and federal drug cases involving prescription drugs, Class A and B drugs (heroin and cocaine), marijuana, meth, Ecstasy and other controlled substances.

I defend clients against drug charges, including:

  • Possession
  • Possession with intent
  • Distribution
  • Trafficking
  • Cultivation and manufacturing

A critical part of a drug crimes defense is examining the case for illegal search and seizure issues. If the police didn't follow proper procedures, I can argue to have evidence suppressed. I will also review applicable case and statutory law to ensure I am working with the most current case law to support your defense.

While I try to resolve cases out of court, I will go to trial when that is in my clients' best interests.

Assets Seized? I Can Help You Fight For Them.

It is common in drug cases or suspected drug cases for law enforcement to seize money and other assets from suspects. In these civil and federal asset forfeiture cases, you need a lawyer to help you fight to get your property back. It may seem impossible on your own, but don't give up. I have experience helping people recover their seized assets.

The Sooner You Contact Me, The Sooner I Can Begin Your Defense

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