I was arrested in Boston and thought that my life was over. I had much, illegally obtained evidence on me that Austin Freeley was able to have COMPLETELY DISMISSED in court. I was certain that I would have a bad record, lose my job, and serve some time, but Austin Freeley's finesse in the courtroom defended me to the very end. All of the charges against me were dropped, and now my life is completely on track thanks to Austin Freeley's well-planned and well-executed approach....If you want a lawyer that is responsible, trustworthy, knowledgeable and caring, Austin Freeley is the right lawyer for you. — Criminal defense client

Mr. Freeley is consistently updating his extensive knowledge. He is unflappable under pressure and thinks quickly on his feet. I am a nervous client and he has had to keep me under control as well as do his job against a team of aggressive lawyers armed with unlimited resources.

I have found him to always respond to me truthfully and to be honest and forthcoming with his reasoning. — Mary L.